So Mother’s Day came and went a month ago, but I was so pleased with the little bits of crafty goodness I came up with to decorate for my family’s Mother’s Day dinner that I still want to blog about it now. This year, the family came to our place. I wanted the dinner to have a lot of detailed touches — little things to show my Mum how much we love her.

The bunting:

Bunting was something I’d been wanting to make for ages — I think it is so cute and festive. It turned out to be the easiest thing to make. I bought two sheets of wrapping paper from Kikki.K. The paper had designs on both sides, meaning my bunting looked adorable from both front and back. I measured out long rectangles, then just cut them into tessalating triangles. A piece of masking tape folded over the string held the triangles in place. I loved the bunting so much I left it up until about a week ago, and have stored it away to bring out for future parties.

The flowers:

My inspiration for the flower arrangement came from one of my favourite design and general inspiration-giving websites, Eat Drink Chic. The woman behind the website had a similar arrangement of flowers for her wedding (although hers were hung from string above her table, which was a great effect but not one I thought I could replicate at my place!). Ever since I read the Eat Drink Chic post I had been collecting interestingly shaped glass bottles, so it was easy to pop a few stems in each and cluster them in the centre of the table. The flowers were not anything special in themselves — just an inexpensive bunch from the supermarket — but arranging them in this way made them look very sweet.

 The menu:

Another Eat Drink Chic inspiration. I borrowed the curly border from one of the free downloads on the website, deleted the illustration inside the border and added my menu text. I cut the menus out freehand with a pair of scissors — a little fiddly but since there were only seven of us for dinner, it didn’t take too long. The only problem was the font was very small, so those at the table without whippersnapper-young eyes had to squint a bit to read it.