At the beginning of this year, my husband and I went on our Big Europe Trip. Among people our age it almost feels as if you have to do a pilgrimage to the UK and Europe before you are allowed to graduate from being a young adult. While we couldn’t at this stage do the two-year working holiday thing that many of our friends have done (still time for that, I keep telling myself), we satisfied ourselves with a two-month trip instead. And it was satisfying — by the time we returned I had seen many places that I had always longed to go to and I was delighted to be back on warm, Australian, English-speaking soil again. A few months on and I’m now itching to travel again, but I think that will always be the case with me.

While we were on our journey I had the idea of a sweet way to remember our trip: a collage of vintage-style postcards. I have always loved art deco and pin-ups, so when I first saw this style of postcard in Morocco I snatched them up. I was fortunate to come across them easily in Spain and France, too. I had envisaged four postcards from four locations but my hopes were almost dashed when we got to Rome, our last European stop, and all I could find was postcards with the Pope on them. Lucky for me,  on our last day in Rome, I uncovered the final four I needed to make my little collage complete. The cards now live on the wall in my office; on dreary work days they are a reminder of the adventures we had overseas.