Another catch-up post from something that I made a couple of weeks ago — I seem to go through phases with my creative stuff, doing lots of projects for a week or two and then get into another hobby for a few weeks. At the moment I’m in a bread-making phase but if this morning’s rock-like effort is anything to go by, the less said about that, the better.

Remember those wooden stamps I blogged about a while ago? Well, I found a use for them. Using an old roll of newsprint salvaged from my Grandma’s house and some acrylic paint, I managed to make some pretty funky looking wrapping paper.

I used the paisley-shaped stamp and randomly stamped with blue acrylic paint over the paper, then diluted the leftover paint with a bit of white to get two paler shades of blue and stamped with those. Because the paint was quite thick, I didn’t get the sharp impression of the stamp that I had expected. However the result I did get, with a bit of texture in the paint, was still pretty cool. I think if I wanted to get a finer effect with the stamp I could use a little roller to roll the paint onto the stamp surface. Something to keep in mind for future projects.

To make the newsprint look a bit classier, I covered it with cellophane. We used the paper to wrap presents for my mother-in-law’s birthday — they were lanterns so a tricky shape to wrap. I’m keen to try this paper-cellophane combination again on a gift with a more regular shape because I think it would look pretty sharp.