This morning I finished a craft project I began a month or two ago: fridge magnets. I was inspired by the adorable ceramic magnets made by Brisbane designer Alarna Zinn from Little Jane St. Having added a few of hers to my collection, I decided to try my hand at doing something similar. I don’t have access to a kiln but I thought I could achieve a similar effect using bakeable plasticine (Fimo). And because I’m still very enamoured of my wooden stamps, I brought them in on the action too.

The Fimo was harder to use than I expected — it was very stiff and difficult to mould, yet seemed to pick up every ridge of my fingerprints, making it tricky for me to get it to a smooth finish. When it came to stamping, my first few efforts of trying to fit the whole stamp design on the magnet looked clunky and too big, so I decided to go for a partial stamp on a smaller magnet.

My moulded, stamped magnets looked a bit dull and I hoped they would get a bit of lustre during baking, but they looked exactly the same coming out as they did going in. So I finished them with a spray of varnish to give them a bit of a sheen.

All in all, I’m not entirely happy with the finished product, but it was fun experimenting and being a bit creative, as usual!

P.S. I must also thank Madeline and Matt‘s engagement card for being such a stylish and helpful prop for my little magnet.