As if I needed another reason to love typography, I have just fallen for it all over again with the lettery goodness on Daily Drop Cap. Each day, illustrator Jessica Hische adds a new embellished letter for bloggers to download and use on their sites. There are restrictions — you can only use them on blogs, not on printed materials — but in some way, the fact that the over-the-top cuteness is reserved for something as transient as a blog post heightens the charm. This lovely link comes via Eat Drink Chic.

In other typography-love news, this graphic designer’s body art, via Cup of Jo, is almost enough to overcome my distrust of needles. (Wow, just realised this is the same woman behind the Daily Drop Cap… hello, girl crush!) My usual attitude towards tattoos is that I think they look awesome but I’m too scared of what my mother would say if I got one and I’m too fickle to be sure I was picking a subject I would really love forever. Something type related would probably be something I’d love forever, although I’m not sure I’d ever overcome the former.

To round out the text-related topic of this post (and also because just two adorable drop caps wasn’t enough), now would seem an appropriate time to give a shout-out to one of my favourite websites: I Love Typography. (Can you tell I’m a wannabe graphic designer?) It’s a website that plumbs the depths of typography nerdiness, with “pick the font” quizzes and in-depth articles on new fonts and the evolution of typesetting. Even if you’re ambivalent about typography, you’ll be amazed how much you take for granted in reading the written word — how much goes into designing a font that is easy to read and that conveys subtle messages about its subject or author.