Eating and drinking — specifically, eating breakfast-type food and drinking hot, milky drinks — would have to be two of my most favourite things. Luckily for me, Brisbane has plenty of places to do both. Here are a sampling of the lovely spots where I have supped lately…


Flamingo Cafe, Fortitude Valley

Butter = Love

I think I’ve mentioned the delightful blog Little Jane Street in a previous post. Well Alarna, the mastermind behind LJS’s crafty sweetness, has opened up a shopfront for her brand in Winn Lane in the Valley. It’s a great spot, not least because it’s very close to the Flamingo Cafe, where you can sit on a stool shaped like a cob of corn and eat scrambled eggs that comes with heart-shaped butter. And if there’s anything I love more than butter (and there’s not much), it’s butter in the shape of a heart.


Paladar Fumior Salon, South Brisbane

Anyone who has ever driven through South Brisbane/West End is bound to have passed this place, and probably done the same as me — vowed to return sometime for a coffee and a poke through what looks like a fascinating little shop. But its opening hours are more suited to weekday breakfasts and lunches rather than dinners or weekend eats, which conflicts with the time of day I’m normally hanging around West End. But the other day — after seriously years of driving past this place — I happened to find myself in the perfect storm: a weekday afternoon in South Brisbane, a hankering for a hot drink, and a lovely, sunlit day. (The company was also excellent.) So I finally got my chance to venture beyond that red facade. Inside: hilarious, friendly staff and a hot chocolate that tasted like melted Easter eggs. I think I need to move to West End.

Finally time to go inside

I was told they only stock decaf coffee when one of their regulars (which I'm not) is pregnant (which I am). It turned out well for me though, because the hot chocolate was to die for!

Almond croissant, my favourite!


The Corner Store, Toowong

Down on the corner, out in the street

This is the newest edition to our breakfast circuit: the Corner Store Cafe. I think it’s been open for less than a month, and we have been there three times in the past week. It doesn’t hurt that it is less than a 10-minute drive from our place, but it also does delicious breakfast things like chilli-fried eggs and zucchini and haloumi fritters. And out the back of the eating area they have garden beds where they grow their own herbs. So cute! It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re a westsider. Might be worth booking a table though if you’re planning to arrive much after 9.30am on the weekend — the good word is obviously spreading fast.