Tea and crumpets, if you please

You think you’ve had crumpets before, right? Wrong. Well, unless you’ve ever made them at home, which is what I did for the first time this morning. The round, uniform crumpets I have previously bought in the supermarket paled in comparison to the fluffy goodness I was able to produce on my own. They weren’t even that hard to make!

I got my recipe here, via the lovely craft-and-whimsy-based blog Meet Me At Mikes. I thought I’d hit a snag when I got all the way to the cooking part of the recipe, only to discover I don’t own egg rings (although I’m certain I have at some point… maybe they fell victim to a ruthless spring cleaning attempt?). After rummaging through all my cupboards and drawers, I came up with Christmas-themed cookie cutters and metal measuring cups. And do you know what? They didn’t do too badly. I made a couple of very cute little star- and bell-shaped crumpets, but the best ones were the ones cooked in the measuring cups — they were round and deep and ever so fluffy.

My notes on the recipe:

  • It’s a good quantity for two people — I think I got about 10 good round crumpets out of it, although it’s always good to have a bit of spare mixture with recipes like this in case you burn or generally munt a couple.
  • The recipe says to cook them on a medium heat, but I think the lower the heat the better. I had my electric cooktop on 1 (out of 3) and they turned out golden brown, but any hotter and they would have scorched before they cooked through
  • Grease whatever moulds you’re using really well. I used spray oil really generously and they slid out without any resistance, but the crumpets are the sort of texture that I don’t think would hold up well to much handling. Also, on greasing, the spray oil was great but I reckon they would have been even delicious-er if I’d used melted butter.
  • Serve with an enormous amount of butter and honey and a cup of tea.

Happy crumping!