Christmas has come and gone, but not without plenty of baking and a touch of craftiness in this birdie’s bower. Want to have a look at what I made?

gingerbread house

Our gingerbread house

I’ve always thought it would be cool to make a gingerbread house but never had because I thought it would be too tricky. Well guess what — I was right! It’s hard!

This recipe made a delicious gingerbread but had the wrong (or at least very confusing) dimensions for the house. Couple this with the Queensland heat that was making my dough sticky and hard to work with, and we nearly ended up with just a whole lot of gingerbread stars and ninja bread men… granted, worse things could happen. But then my husband stepped in and redesigned the house and we ended up with a little fairytale cottage after all. Decorating it was lots of fun — how cute is the licorice allsort roof? But the most fun of all was eating it! Can you believe that ginger goes with almost every lolly flavour you can think of?

Christmas tree ornament

Arden's first Christmas

The other lovely craft I managed to squeeze in for Christmas was decorating this cute little Christmas tree ornament. My husband and I were blessed to welcome a little baby girl in September last year, and I wanted to make something to mark her first Christmas with us. I found the sweet little stuffed ornament in a department store and stem-stitching her name and the year on it was a cinch. The trickiest part was trying to find red embroidery floss in any craft store two weeks before Christmas. Obviously the other crafty types out there are more organised than I am.

Hope you had a great Christmas too!