Pinterest. So good, and because the cool people who use it keep pinning beautiful things, the goodness just keeps coming. I know I am not saying anything new. Here are some of the prettiest things I have added or repinned in the past week or so.


This is just one image from a beautiful photo feature and interview with Melbourne interior designer Paul Hecker, featured in the consistently wonderful blog The Design Files. I love the single aqua chair among the natural colours. It is so worth clicking through to look at the rest of the photos in the series.


How great is this street art, somewhere near a flea market in Tel Aviv? And I love the slightly sullen teen expression on the girl’s face. I remember probably pulling a very similar face throughout my teens. This from Fox’s Lane, a gorgeous blog by a farm-dweller and crafty lady. Read a couple of posts on this blog and you’ll be yearning for the rural life, picking apples straight from the tree. I certainly was!


So incredible. Apparently this is a picture of golden rays migrating — I’m not certain where this particular image was taken, but golden rays are known to migrate in numbers like these off the coast of Mexico, according to this article. Pretty amazing to see in a picture, although I can’t imagine wanting to swim in waters with that many sting rays!

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