bright and cheerful

Moving into a new house means I’ve got renovation on the brain! These four adorable kitchens are providing some inspiration (if only the bank account could keep up). I love how the one in the picture above is actually quite small and simple, but the bright splashes of colour still make it inviting.

pink fridge

I know that happiness can’t be found in objects, but if it could, I think the object would be a pink Smeg fridge. And maybe a matching KitchenAid.

quaint and rustic

I’m not sure where this kitchen is, but something about the flowers drying from the distressed painted ceiling beams and the way the light falls through the doorway makes me want to believe it is in a farmhouse in Provence.

love green kitchen

I think this one might be my favourite. In fact, you could go so far to say that I… love it. Sorry.


Which do you like best? And what do you look for in a kitchen? 

All pictures via Pinterest.