So something’s happened to me in the past 6 months or so… I’ve become a bit of a nanna. Specifically I’ve taken up crochet, and you could say I’m, well, hooked. A friend of mine taught me the basics, then I plodded through this excellent video tutorial series to build up my skills. And now I just can’t stop!

Here’s a little look at some of the projects I’ve finished recently.

Crochet bassinet blanket

My very first niece or nephew is due to arrive in the next few weeks, so I made this bassinet blanket as a welcome present. It’s based on this pattern by creJJtion. Not only is the design simply beautiful, the instructions do a great job of decoding a relatively advanced pattern for a beginner like me. And how cute is that bobble-stitch border?

Here’s an aerial view of the blanket in full:

Crochet baby blanket in full


Once that blanket was finished I was feeling a bit bereft and my hands a bit restless… but lucky for me there were more babies on their way in my life. A dear friend of mine welcomed a baby boy just a couple of weeks ago, and I jumped at the chance to pour some love into this little blanket.

Crochet baby blanket folded

It’s a gorgeous lacy design that was actually pretty easy to hook — a perfect pattern for beginners. You can find the original here.

Crochet baby blanket - sewing in yarn ends

Sewing in my yarn ends


Now it’s finally time for me to make a blanket for my own bubba — I’m going with this beautiful pattern. The original pattern is in French but a multi-lingual crocheter in the comments has translated it into English. I’ll see how I go!