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This weekend has been a lovely, full one of excursions with family and friends, closing with a quick visit during the closing hours of the Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets.

The Old Museum is such a fantastic venue. Brisbane doesn’t have as much in the way of these grand old buildings as our southern cousins, and the Old Museum is so beautifully, authentically preserved.

The Old Museum, Brisbane

Aren’t these hand-woven stars pretty, spinning and fluttering from the huge tree in the museum courtyard? They were the product of a star-weaving workshop run as part of 1 Million Stars to End Violence. I missed out on the workshop this time, but there is info on the project and instructional videos on weaving stars here. I’m looking forward to sitting down and giving it a go.

Hand-woven stars hanging from a tree


Pink lemonade in the sun. Yum. I’m going to need to work out how to recreate this recipe, come summertime. It was tart and sweet and refreshing; the perfect thing to accompany a soak in the late-afternoon sunshine.

Pink lemonade


I could have spent money on so many, many beautiful things! I restrained myself (for now — most of the talented stallholders have Etsy sites that I am sure to be visiting soon) but I made an exception for a teeny notepaper-and-envelope set from Bespoke Letterpress. Time to start writing some little letters.

Petit letter set by Bespoke Letterpress