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Hello people — in the interests of being, like, totes social media-savvy, I have joined BlogLovin.

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It’s misty and rainy outside and both my babies are asleep. I guess I could be running around frantically trying to get things done while I have both hands free, but I think instead I might just put the kettle on and sit quietly for a few minutes. Enjoy the sound of our chooks clucking downstairs, be grateful for the rain that is watering our garden and filling our tanks, and smile at how full and rich my life is.

PS. Just another thing to be grateful for: I made rocky road before and it is going to be GOOD. So good.

swinging in the ocean


It’s winter here in Australia at the moment and even in the sub-tropics, where we live, it has been getting pretty frosty. But this weekend my husband and I are off to where it’s summer all year round. We’ve booked a little island escape to celebrate our birthdays (we both turn 30 this year!) and as a bit of a baby-moon before our second bub arrives.


So long, suckers! If you need me this weekend, I’ll be soaking up the sun.



Image from here via Pinterest.

Pinterest. So good, and because the cool people who use it keep pinning beautiful things, the goodness just keeps coming. I know I am not saying anything new. Here are some of the prettiest things I have added or repinned in the past week or so.


This is just one image from a beautiful photo feature and interview with Melbourne interior designer Paul Hecker, featured in the consistently wonderful blog The Design Files. I love the single aqua chair among the natural colours. It is so worth clicking through to look at the rest of the photos in the series.


How great is this street art, somewhere near a flea market in Tel Aviv? And I love the slightly sullen teen expression on the girl’s face. I remember probably pulling a very similar face throughout my teens. This from Fox’s Lane, a gorgeous blog by a farm-dweller and crafty lady. Read a couple of posts on this blog and you’ll be yearning for the rural life, picking apples straight from the tree. I certainly was!


So incredible. Apparently this is a picture of golden rays migrating — I’m not certain where this particular image was taken, but golden rays are known to migrate in numbers like these off the coast of Mexico, according to this article. Pretty amazing to see in a picture, although I can’t imagine wanting to swim in waters with that many sting rays!

More Pinterest goodness here.


I’m feeling only slightly warmer than death today, thanks to a gross head cold, so have retreated home to the couch (and maybe later, bed). Naturally, I am treating my sick, run-down body with healthy whole foods, otherwise known as cookies and cream ice cream and instant noodles. Isn’t it funny how when you’re not well there are certain things you turn to for comfort?


T2 cup

Hot tea out of a beautiful cup


Cosy pajamas

Cosy pajamas


Revisiting old friends

Revisiting old friends


And of course, comfort food: crumpets and honey, or bagels, cream cheese and apricot jam.

(Top image from here, cup from T2, Peter Alexander pajamas via here)

enjoy life

It’s the last day of 2012. Somewhere in my mind, I know I have a half-baked list of resolutions for 2013, but the thing about new year’s resolutions is that they suggest that you’ve been getting it wrong for the past year. And that can’t possibly be right — look at us all, we survived 2012! The year the world was supposedly going to end! We must have done something right. Why not reflect on what some of those somethings might have been?

Here’s how I’m recognising my little achievements of 2012. How will you do it?

A time this year when I…

  • Showed someone I loved them: I’m not a natural at the “giving gifts” love language (from this book) but this year I have been more conscious of trying to show my friends who need a boost that I love them through gifts and homemade food.
  • Did something for myself: This has been the year of the massage! My husband and I will often take turns watching our baby girl while the other squeezes (ha) in a massage. I hope this is a phenomenon that lasts into 2013 and beyond.
  • Went out of my comfort zone: We took our then-10-month-old baby to Bangladesh this year and I didn’t know what to expect. It was awesome.
  • Felt smart: I had a job interview recently for a role I really wanted. In the interview room, five or six smart people peppered me with questions about all sorts of things relating to my professional field. And I kept up. Hearing the things coming out of my own mouth showed me that amidst all the self-doubt, I really do have skills and experience that is worth something now.
  • Baked something new: Perfected the best ever brownie recipe ever. It’s actually now even better than the version I blogged about. Watch out, waistline.
  • Made something: Making my own wrapping paper with wooden fabric stamps has been one of my favourite crafts this year. Stay tuned for a proper blog post/ how-to in the new year.
  • Was creative: Beyond the craft and kitchen pursuits, I’m really pleased with myself for taking my freelancing to a new level this year. Check it out.
  • Learned a new skill: I got a new qualification this year. Maybe not an entirely new skill but it has definitely helped me enhance skills I already had.

This is just my list. If you want, use it to reflect on your own year. What did you do this year that you’re proud of?

(Top image via here and elsewhere on the web.)

Surfing Pinterest is such a lovely way to be inspired to be creative. In fact, I sometimes get so caught up being inspired by Pinterest that I forget to do creative things in real life! But here are a couple of things I’ve pinned lately that I really do intend to do: 

Make these gorgeous gold-dipped notebooks:


Bake some fat, buttery pretzels:


Snap some precious moments with my baby: 


Make and munch on some flat bread


… And clean my couch



Who knows? I might even be so creative that I report back with a blog post. 

Hello, world!

No real reason to blog this morning, except that I have the joy of sitting in a shady spot on my balcony, playing on the computer while my baby sleeps. Later today it will get hot and I will get busy, but for now everything is calm and cool.

Hope you can find a sweet moment of quiet in your day, too.


Today is one of those rare days that I’m not running out the door at 6am, hoping through my sleepy fog that I haven’t forgotten anything vital. And while I love the way those early starts usually herald the beginning of a productive day, lazy mornings like this one — where I can sit, half-dressed, on the couch and sip a coffee and write a blog — feel like a treat.